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Dance Alliance of Bradenton

The Alliance is made up of a group of Dance and Fitness Educator Entrepreneurs (Alliance Members) who will share the use of our Studio building and world class dance floor for their classes and events. We expect to be open 7 days per week, the hours will vary. We will have an office onsite, and a monitored security system.

Classes and events are held at the Monarch Studio. Each Alliance Member manages their own business and web page, but will also be included in joint member events, re: The Alliance also sponsors performances both in and outside of the Monarch Studio.

The Monarch Studio will be available to Members from 6:00 am-10:00 pm for their classes, and members will reserve their hours for ongoing weekly classes on a 3, 6 or 9 month contract. Members can also reserve “one-time” use time if needed for rehearsals, Master Class Workshops and dance related events.

There will be a “cushion time” reserved between Members’ use to allow for setup and cleanup. “One time” Events will be held on Friday or Saturday evenings and on Sundays, with Business Member supervision.

Alliance Members / Educators will provide their own liability insurance. They will be given a Secure Key Card and a Web Page. They will pay a Monthly User Fee based on the # of hours they are using the Studio.

Monarch Studio will offer it’s members the finest flooring and sound available, as well as an umbrella website with individual pages for each Member Business. Our Floor is a superior sprung maple dancefloor with an unmatched 70% shock absorption rate. It’s made by the O’Mara Sprung Floors Company in Flint Michigan – the industry leader in Dance Floors.

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